Why Training With Family & Friends Leads to Better Results

You’ve been forever contemplating personal or group training. Driving past your local Personal Training studio or Fitness centre and saying I should really start some exercise soon, but I don’t want to do it alone.

Asking a family member or friend to join you will help with over coming that fear of walking in to a fitness centre and get you started. That initial fear is holding you back from achieving great things and feeling awesome. I get it, that little voice inside your head says “I’m not fit enough” “I’m over weight and Ill wait until I lose some weight first before starting” “I don’t know anyone”

That can all change when you ask someone to join you on your fitness journey!

You’ll be held accountable

You will have constant support with your training buddie.

Feel like skipping a workout? Your training buddie will help motivate you to get there.

You’ll also likely be more motivated to workout and stay consistent with your training.

Workouts will be more enjoyable

Training with friend or family member or even group training becomes more enjoyable as there is more positive energy flowing and a good ambiance!

You will have the chance to meet new people and form new friendships and be apart of a social group that trains together.

Workouts are way more enjoyable with a trainer as you don’t have to think about what your doing or even set up any equipment or put it away. you just turn up ready for a great workout with friends, family or group environment.

You will laugh, you’ll sweat, you’ll work hard!

You’ll train harder

Nothing better than a little friendly competition!

Having someone who is fitter and stronger will push you that little bit more!

Save Money

We allow up to 4 people for personal training and then you just spilt the cost. Most trainers allow a discount when you train with multiple people.

30 Minute PT Sessions

Group training will even save you more money.

Group Training

Forge Stronger Bonds

Those that train together, stay together. There’s almost certainly some truth in that. Sharing a common passion and common goals can lead to stronger relationships and stronger friendships, as you both work together to achieve them.

Its time to turn that contemplation into some action and get started on your fitness journey with a friend, family or group environment. You will be wishing you had started earlier and thinking what was I so scared about?