Tracy Faulkner

I have throughout my 20’s always been involved in some kind of fitness, netball, boxing, gym etc and never had to worry about my weight, iv always been the ‘skinny girl’ It wasn’t until my late 20’s and into my 30’s that I got slack, had less time, was eating terribly and slowly got to a point were I wasn’t happy within myself. I have never been overweight, but I wasn’t fit, healthy or happy with the extra fat I was carrying.

April 2012 after leaving a stressful job and damaging relationship I made the decision to start on my fitness journey. I started eating better, took up boxing again and in July 2012 started PT with Paul at Conan Fitness. His training, nutritional advice and round the clock support have been fantastic. Like I said I wasn’t overweight: In 12 weeks I only lost 1kg but lost 10cm from my waist measurement. Iv gotten fitter, stronger, more toned and watched my body shape change as my fat percentage dropped and my muscle grew, giving me more confidence and determination to continue. It has given me so much positive focus in what was a difficult year and I haven’t looked back.

I’ve never been a ‘gym’ person. Training with Paul is hard work but fun. I like having to turn up at a specific time, I like being pushed, I like being held accountable, I like the burn, I like the muscle soreness, I like feeling like iv worked hard. Taking Paul on as my coach was the best start I could have ever given myself in working towards and obtaining my goals. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone, his support and dedication in helping you achieve your fitness goals is unmeasurable.

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