Steve Nash

I’ve struggled with my weight since leaving high school, the temptations of food, alcohol and general lack of knowledge regarding calorie consumption. Regardless of all these poor habits I still regarded myself as still relatively active, enjoyed sport such as Australian Rules Football & surfing. In hindsight guess looking back I really didn’t perceive myself as overweight and just excepted my size as relatively healthy.

Paul has been my trainer for a number of years and I’ve always enjoyed his supportive, positive & enthusiastic attitude and his ability to always look forward and set goals for himself. It was time and did the same so Paul suggested I set a goal to compete at the next Natural Bodybuilding contest held in Perth in the male fitness division. After thinking about it over the weekend I realised I had nothing to lose and it would certainly challenge me to stay on track.

The contest was approximately sixteen weeks out so Paul with his typical enthusiasm set me a new training and nutrition program. Training hard had never been the problem the diet was a completely different matter. But because of the goal and the commitment I made to compete I really embraced clean eating. With Paul’s guidance I used a diet app called easy diet diary which allowed me track my calorie intake & exercise output.

Adopting a meticulous approach to any endeavour in my life has never been a strong point but it was certainly worth it and by the time of the competition I had dropped 22kgs and 20cm off my waist. I also used Paul’s endorsed supplement Leukadron Extreme to retain muscle mass and recover between workout faster.

I would like to thank Paul for all his help in achieving this goal and I’m looking forward to the next challenge. You’re a legend mate.

Steve Nash

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