Rebecca Puvanendran

After a very indulgent Xmas for 2012 I decided that 2013 was going to be different. I was by no means over weight but wanted to feel fitter and look leaner.

The first 3 weeks following Xmas, I decided to eat what I thought was better and do lots of exercise. What I didn’t realise was that I was over exercising and in fact building muscle on the extra weight I had gained over Xmas. Not happy!

After a huge girly hissy fit , my darling husband who has been friends with Paul for many many years suggested I join up and do the 12 week challenge as maybe I was doing something not quite right. Turns out I was doing things very “not right”.

The first week of clean eating was extremely rough as stupid me did not ask enough questions and gave up my morning cup of tea as well. Thankfully I contacted Paul to tell him I was ready for The funny farm and he reminded me I CAN have tea!

My results in the first month were amazing and just giving up bread alone was and has been life changing. It turns out my stomach is not a huge fan! Who would’ve known? The second month was really tough as my mother in law (who is Indian and spent a month cooking up a storm in my kitchen) was staying and I had to really try hard to stick to my plan. I still managed to lose cm’s although small so I was still happy.

The final month following that has been great, I love my workouts and the fact I have upped the reps I’m pretty proud of myself. I still have a major sweet tooth weakness and fight myself on that EVERY day but a yoghurt and almonds really does do the trick (most days)

I will be continuing my set workouts as they work my exact problem areas and i also plan on sticking to my meal plan Monday to Friday as the clean eating has made a huge difference to my stomach and general well being.
I have recommend Paul Foote Fitness to all my friends and will continue to as I believe these guys have really got people’s best interest at heart. The Facebook group is a great way to keep in touch with everyone going through the same thing as you are.
Thanks again guys I will send in another pic in a few months as I plan on getting even better!!!

Starting measurements:
Weight 59.5
Shoulders 91
Chest 86
Waist 70
Under Bum 100

Final measurements:
Weight 57.2
Shoulders 83
Chest 80
Waist 60
Under Bum 90

– Bec Puvanendran

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