Hi my name is Kelly. After a lifetime of sustaining a size 10 by skipping meals, smoking 40 cigarrettes per day & lots of coffee my body rebelled & I began piling on the weight. My weight yo-yo’d for the past 3 years, my cholesterol went through the roof & as a result was placed on cholesterol medication. I did however quit smoking (one of my proudest moments).

By March 2011 I hit what I thought was my personal rock bottom. At 5ft & 87kg I couldn’t bend over to do my shoes up, clothes shopping was beyond depressing so I brought mens XXL T-shirts only.

I began avoiding any social activities & dreaded bumping into someone I hadn’t seen for awhile. Isolation & sleep were great escapes so I spent most of my time on the sofa. I wanted to change get active, motivated, stop hating myself & alienating my ever loving & supportive. I by nature am quite focused & determined person felt completely alone & out of control. Enter Mark my wonderful & patient husband who very gently suggested to me that why don’t I get some help from a Personal Trainer.

That was 8 months ago & Ive now run in the HBF run for a reason, been rock climbing & tackled Jacobs ladder several times all with the support & dedication of Paul. I love that Im living everyday & not sleeping it away on the sofa. Ive lost 25cm around my waist line but to my constant surprise its not all about weight loss, its the bonus gifts that I had no idea would come with it.

I have no doubt without Paul & his expert way he has coached me & taught me I would still be on the sofa. Paul has literally changed my life. I recently celebrated my 50th birthday & feel better than I did in my 30’s & look forward to the coming years – No Fear, no turning back, no giving in.
Thank you Paul you have my greatest thanks & deepest respect.

Kelly Oram – 50 yrs

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