Fergus Walters

Having trained for a while, but having to have a lay off due to job changes and illness, I was keen to get back into condition and hopefully my best condition.

I found Paul Foote via a search of trainers in Perth and seeing that he had achieved some great results not only with his own body but with his many clients I contacted him and went through what I wanted to achieve and he went through what he could offer.

Paul was helpful in setting a diet and plan that would achieve my goals in a short period of time and was very knowledgeable when it came to bodybuilding and physique training.

I am a person with high expectations of myself and needed Paul’s sound advice to keep to a structure that would not only allow me to lose fat quickly but to maintain my current muscle in a short period.

I believe encouragement is a key factor when looking for a Personal trainer and I found that Paul managed to keep this intensity high without being over the top.

In this way I find that Paul is not only looking at the body but the personality of his clients to see what motivates them mentally to achieve their physical goals.
I would recommend Paul as a trainer to anyone looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable, reliable and experienced individual to take their training to the next level and beyond.

Paul has taught me a lot in a short time and helped correct some errors in my training so going forward not only will I be training harder but quicker and more successfully.’

Fergus Walters

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