David Salt

I have always had a very active life style and reasonable healthy diet. I play football, soccer, ride and regularly do weights. Although I have always considered myself pretty healthy, I have never been happy with my physic. I had done all the muscle gain diets and weights programs you can think of but I always found it very difficult to gain lean muscle. In 2011 I was introduced to Paul, his knowledge and passion for fitness was immediately apparent. I explained my frustrations to Paul and he came up with a program and nutrition plan to get me started. To my surprise the program was actually less training that I previously been doing on my own and the nutrition plan was far from what you would consider as a typical “diet”. After 3 months with Paul as not only a trainer but a mentor I was able to make lean muscle gains beyond anything previous. I was doing weights training 3 times a week and a small amount of cardio twice a week. I had gone from training 5 days a week for 1.5 hours a session to 3 days a week for no more than 30 minutes a session. I found the nutrition plan easy to follow and when certain foods became boring Paul would suggest an alternative to keep it interesting.

In September 2012 I wanted to get as lean as I possible could, again something I had been unable to achieve previously. I met with Paul and he took me through his Get Ripped Quick & Abs program. Again, the program was not any harder then the training I was doing at the time & it seemed very achievable. The nutrition plan was a little more difficult as I had to cut out the carbs (love my pasta :-). I had the faith from already training with Paul that if I stuck to the program I would achieve the results. I went from 15% body fat to below 10%. A huge achievement for me.

Paul has not only been a personal training to me but also a mentor. Before I met Paul I always felt I was training hard but not getting the results. Paul has taught me the correct training techniques and given me nutritional knowledge than is sustainable into my future and allowed me to achieve my fitness goals. I currently use Paul’s online fitness club as resource to achieve my goals. Whatever your goals are I highly recommend you consult Paul and follow his methods.

Dave Salt

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