Alex Stenisvaag

Deciding to start training with Paul was the best decision that I have ever made to improve my physique.

Before I started training with Paul I was one of those skinny teenagers who couldn’t put on quality lean muscle mass no matter what I tried. I had been through every training program and mass building diet that you could think of, trying to find that special something to make me big and ripped, but nothing worked.
I have been training with Paul for about 8 months now and the results have been amazing. I went from having a low amount of quality lean muscle mass, to now competing in my first bodybuilding competition.

I see Paul not only as a personal trainer, but also as a coach and a mentor, and I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for him.

When you train with Paul you not only get constant effective training advice programs but you get great nutritional advice to suit your needs that will help you achieve your goals.
I would strongly encourage anyone who is thinking about getting a personal trainer or simply seeking advice on how to further improve their physique or achieve their goals to contact Paul, because the results will amaze you.

Alex Steinsvaag – Age 20

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