Ten Ways to a Happier, Healthier You

The #100HappyDays Challenge has been welcomed around the globe. If you’re not familiar with it, let me clue you in a bit. The challenge requires a person to post in his or her Facebook, Twitter or Instagram a photo or even an anecdote that made him or her happy for the day. At first, you may think that it’s fairly easy. However, it was observed that more than half of the people who tried the challenge failed mainly because of lack of time. Come to think of it, this shows that most people nowadays barely have time to sit and ponder about what made him or her smile that day.

This observation says a lot about people nowadays, and why the number of depressed individuals continues to increase. Aside from depression, other illnesses stem from the lifestyle that most people have today. This is why this post focuses on two things that people take for granted due to their fast-paced life – being healthy and happy.

1.    Take a hobby.

What is the one thing that when you do it, it makes you forget about the things that stress you out? Is it singing? Is it painting? Is it baking? Whatever your answer may be and as long as your resources (and the law) allow it, then by all means pursue it! Hobbies not only hone your talents but also serve as an avenue for you to vent out your thoughts. Hobbies, even those that are not strenuous, help the body and mind to relax making you healthy and happy.

2.    Walk.

Thanks to technology, getting around is no longer a hassle. Unfortunately, people’s reliance on transportation have taken walking for granted. Set aside a certain part of your day for walking. Remember the 10,000 steps per day? You can even download an application to monitor this for you. Aside from having some exercise built-in to your daily activity, take walking as a form of your ‘me’ time. You’ll be surprised at the ideas and realizations you’ll have if you walk instead of taking that cab from the station to your house.

3.    Leave your work at your work station.

Nowadays, it is a common practice to bring work home. For freelancers who actually work from home, this means working beyond the times you have set for working. Of course, tasks get out of hand and sometimes, people have to work overtime. However, as much as possible, leave your work where it belongs. Once the work day is over, let go of all your work-related worries and focus on your personal and family time. This will benefit the body and mind because you will be relaxed and stress-free. You’ll also notice that you’ll go to bed early and wake up refreshed and recharged. You can also enjoy quality time doing things or spending time with the people you love.


4.    Laugh your heart out.

It may seem cliché but you’ve surely heard of the saying “Laughter is the best medicine.” Tickle your funny bone everyday by reading comics, funny anecdotes or just streaming YouTube videos. This will boost your mind power and make you feel better instantly. Laugh your heart out to forget about your worries even for a while. You’ll be surprised at what this can do to your mood for the day.

5.    Live without worries.

An even better (yet very tricky) thing to try is to not worry at all. This, of course, is almost impossible to do but some people have perfected it by living one day at a time. These people are less stressed and are generally happier. Their mindset also lowers the risk of anxiety and other stress-related illnesses. Start by accepting the fact that not everything is within your control. You can also lessen your money worries by budgeting within your means. Just remember that if you can do something about something you’re worrying about, then by all means do it. Otherwise, don’t stress yourself about it because that won’t make things any better anyway.

6.    Say goodbye to bad vibes.

No matter how much you try to channel the positive vibes in and look at the bright side of things, there will be people around you who feels different. Each day, people come across people who say bad things about others or to the people they are talking to. These events can of course put you in a bad mood or make you feel bad altogether. When you get into a situation like this, remember that you have a choice to get out of it. If you feel like the criticism is constructive, then say sorry and make amends. However, if you feel that you are just being bashed, then choose to walk away. Aside from posing risks in your health through hypertension or anxiety, don’t give them the pleasure of making you feel bad.

7.    Treat yourself every now and then.

You don’t have to spend too much money on pampering yourself, unless you can of course. A simple trip to the spa or a little retail therapy should do wonders to keep you happy. Rest and relaxation can also do wonders to your body especially if you’re tired from a week’s work. Go to vacation if you can afford it; a little indulgence should make you feel rewarded. What’s the point of working hard if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labour anyway, right?


8.    Clean up your space.

Okay, so this may not make you entirely happy because it means effort and hard work on your part. Unless you’re an OC (Obsessive-Compulsive), cleaning up your space doesn’t always mean fun. However, keeping your place has more benefits that the obvious. Of course, a clean and orderly space keeps you safe from germs and other unwanted particles that can bring you and your family sickness. However, did you know that a clean space can also brighten up your mood? Who wants to step into a pile of mess each day, right? Consider cleaning as a win-win situation; you get to keep your area clean and safe, and at the same time, you keep your place bright and comfortable.

9.    Exercise.

If you ever got to see the movie Legally Blonde, you might have heard Elle Woods saying that “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” If you think that Elle was just being her dumb self, then think again. Her statement is actually supported by scientific studies and exercise does boost a person’s mood. Sure, it’s going to be tiring and exhausting but aside from burning those extra fats, you’ll also feel refreshed after a workout session.

10. Spend a few minutes each day to appreciate the things around you.

Going back to the #100HappyDays Challenge, it is important to stop for a few minutes each day and just appreciate the things around you. Sit on the grass, watch people walking past or just stare into the horizon. Sometimes, life becomes too fast that people tend to overlook the smaller things and events that happen around them. While this may not have any significant physical effect on your body, it’s going to affect your outlook on life positively.

So there you have it – ten easy and cost-free ways to be healthier and happy. If these are new to you and your family, then make the change now!

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