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Are you up for a challenge and a complete transformation? Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced options available. Home, work, outdoor and gym programs available.

 If you’re been contemplating getting fit and healthy but don’t have the tools, knowledge, motivation or accountability then this challenge is for you. It’s time for ACTION.

Customized 12 Week Nutrition Plan and Training Plan with Coaching for only $599

Customized 12 Week Nutrition Plan with coaching $350

Customized 12 Week Training Plan with coaching $350

How it works

  1. Contact Paul by Email and let him know you want to take the challenge and change.
  2. Paul will then send you a consultation form for you to fill in with your goals, lifestyle, eating and training habits etc
  3. Paul will then call you to discuss your consultation form and get to know you.
  4. After your consultation with Paul he will design a nutrition plan and training plan to suit your lifestyle.
  5. There are many options for you and Paul to work closely to find the best program to suit your lifestyle, as we are all different.
  6. Unlimited contact with Paul. Call, email or text anytime with questions.
  7. Any changes to nutrition plan and training plan will be charged at a 30 min rate of $60.

We can all use health and fitness to guide us to ultimate success in everything we do. The challenge is to simply transform the weak areas in your like from nutrition, exercising, motivation into your strengths with my help and motivation.

Having a coach you can be assured of:

  1. Experiencing a change of mindset and lifestyle
  2. Keeping you motivated and accountable
  3. Succeeding
  4. Transforming your life

If you are committed enough to take the challenge and see it through to the end of the journey I welcome your commitment. I would love to be your Mentor and Coach to help you Change, Grow and Inspire.

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