A high-performance workout, every time

You’ve shown up ready for a head-on collision, trained like a man possessed and feel pretty good about your session. Well, it’s time to change lanes from good to great by starting right, driving through that final fatigue and finishing with some techniques that’ll ensure the accelerator peddle is firmly floored on your heart rate and your muscles are more fatigued than a blow out on the side of the Mitchell freeway

Enough idling, let’s get into gear and get moving on the best ways to structure your workouts.

Key in the ignition, put it in first, & we’re off!

You’ve stepped into the gym, put your game face on and you’re ready to power through another mammoth session.

Before you do, though, start your engine and give it a warm up with a 5 min run on the treadmill and then head to the stretching area for a ten-minute foam roll.

I love using the foam roller for warming up the muscle and stretching out the fascia of the muscle before shredding it up.

Focus on slowly rolling over the muscle and finding knots as you go. Once you’ve located a knot, roll over it back and forth applying steadily more pressure until you have worked it out completely and no longer feel it.

Slamming down the accelerator on the home straight

Now you’ve pushed, pulled, curled and pressed your muscles to within an inch of your life for the last 45 minutes and your weary mind is already turning the ignition on in the car and reversing out of your parking spot. Well, unbuckle, shut that door and get your mind-butt back in the game because now is the time to really shift gears on your workout!

Your fuel gauge may be saying empty but you still have your reserve tank that is untapped; that’s the fuel we’ll be burning out – Remember, your mind acts as your vehicle’s governor and has the ability to restrict your performance (If you know that you are in your final set of ten reps, in almost every instance you will begin to fail on rep eight and struggle to bash out that final repetition.)

So, to truly tap into that reserve tank, increase the intensity and take on a superset or tri-set.

Superset – Combining two exercises back-to-back in one set with no rest

Tri-set – Combining three exercises back-to-back-to-back in one set with no rest

Hitting the trained muscles with a superset or tri-set to end your session will drive your muscles to complete fatigue and will also have the added benefit of flooding the muscles with nutrient-rich blood.

Reducing Gears before pulling up the handbrake on your workout

After maxing out on your final superset, you’re burned out and barely able to free-wheel out of the gym. But the worst possible thing you could do for your machine is to go from red lining to emergency stop with no cool down.

I recommend some post workout stretching to wind up your training with a gradual and steady speed decrease.

Your stretching should focus on the body parts worked and it doesn’t need to take longer than 10 minutes.

Stretching is great for improving mobility as well as recovery – don’t skimp on the stretch and you’ll thank yourself for it the next time you hit the road!

So, now you’ve got all the pointers you need to ensure you’re red lining the end of every session…strap yourself in and drive home a good session every time.

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