7 Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Trainer

There is no question that the fitness industry has gone through a rapid growth period over the last decade. From gym memberships to supplement sales to home equipment, there has been an unprecedented rise in all facets of the domain. Personal training perhaps more so than anything else.
According to Roy Morgan research, over 900,000 Australians now pay for personal training in any given year. I wouldn’t have even guessed that many people went to the gym, yet there you go. This begs the question, is the personal training industry effective in helping their clientele reach their goals? Are personal trainers all that effective in general?
Although I’d like to answer that with a resounding YES, it really depends on the trainer. Just like with any industry, some trainers are incredibly effective, some not so much. I’ve put together a list of 7 factors to look out for when selecting a trainer and how they can benefit you in both the short and long term.
In my opion the most important function of a personal trainer is to help you with your overall well being.

1. Personality

It starts with personality & getting your client to feel comfortable with you. If you don’t have that personality that connects with people then you will never get any clients to begin with.

2. Posture

Next it moves to a client’s posture and technique of exercises. Most clients I take on have a bad posture from slouching & inactivity of engaging your core muscles. Bad posture can cause knee, back, shoulders, and elbow pain, along with headaches. This is a crucial factor that many trainers neglect.
A good personal trainer can be a god send, as they will be able to fix any injuries or niggles through inactivity and bad posture. Keeping you from spending lots of money at the hospital, doctors, physio and medications. A good trainer will be able to look at your posture and come up with a training plan then & there to help you.

3. Technique

In addition to general posture, the technique you utilise when training makes a tremendous difference, both to your overall results and likelihood of injury. Particularly when dealing with heavy weights, it’s imperative to maintain correct form, something a personal trainer can help you with.

4. Accountability + Motivation

Having a trainer will keep you accountable and motivated, keeping you on track and giving you set appointments that will make you get in the gym and work out.

5. Training program

We all perform better when we have someone that takes charge of our results with a plan of attack; whether it be work, studies or training. It pays to have a program put together by someone with experience, knowledge and expertise and that can adapt a program to suit you as an individual.

6. Nutrition

A good personal trainer will practise what they preach and not only look the part but have a good knowledge of nutrition to give you advice or a meal plan to suit you.
Real results come from what you eat and having a trainer monitoring your progress will be the key to seeing your body change, along with a sound training program.

7. Flexibility with stretching + recovery

A good trainer will know how important flexibility is and recovery to help heal the body before & after a workout. I suggest foam rolling your whole body prior to your workouts & stretching after your workouts to aid muscle growth & recovery.
If you have any questions or queries as to the above, don’t hesitate to get in touch. More than happy to help out any way I can!