4 ways to be more productive at work

You’ve just been called into your boss’s office and this doesn’t normally happen. This can go three ways good, not great or bad. Lets say on this occasion it was not great. Your boss has told you your productivity is down and you just don’t seem interested and this is a stern warning things need to change.

The good thing about change is it can lead to you really looking at life and how can I improve and get more out of one self.

Morning exercise will definitely enhance your productivity. Imagine you have just had a personal training or group session  prior to work. You will no longer be in first gear going to work, but 5th gear as you will be way more alert, aroused and focused for work. Automatically your mood will improve as exercise is a great stress relief and releases endorphins, the feel good hormones.

2. Protein Fat Breakfast are great as they will keep your blood sugar levels stable and beat that           mid morning hunger. Protein is essential to developing and maintaining muscle and keeping that                 feeling of feeling full longer and satisfied. High fats will lead to greater energy and help maintain a               healthy state. Eating  a high carbohydrate – high sugar breakfast can spike your blood sugar levels,               causing low energy and looking for that pick me up sugar rush again.

 3. Keeping Hydrated is essential and crucial to staying healthy and maintaining the function of                 every  system in your body, including your heart, brain, and muscles. Water helps carry nutrients                all around your body maintaining optimal health. Water can actually increase your metabolic rate,              helping your body burn fat and keep you alert and active during the day. Try carrying a water                        bottle everywhere with you and aim for 2 to 3 litres daily.

4. Getting up from your desk every hour can boost your energy, efficiently and engagement.                 Look at it like a pick me up, movement can stimulate and push blood throughout the body. Try to                 sit on a exercise ball as this will engage your core and work on your posture and stop you from                     sitting lazy in your chair. Try little things like taking the stairs, small stretches, walking further to                 the bathroom or going out to lunch.

Next time your feeling a bit flat get up early for a morning workout, drink plenty of water during                  your session and for the rest of the day. Enjoy a Protein/Fat fuelled breakfast and try to move                         regularly through out the day.