30 Minute PT Sessions

In These 30 min sessions, you will be given a 5 min warm up prior + a 5 min cooldown stretches to be done on your own giving you a 40 min PT session.

To start with our personal training sessions focus on your goals, posture and teaching you the right technique for the exercises needed for you. As your fitness and strength improve so does the intensity of the workouts to really help you to start burning fat and building lean muscle.

These workouts can also get you to work or get on with life without sacrificing hours in the gym. They are more cost effective when you train with a friend or family member.

All training packages come with a meal planner, so we can work together to improve your eating habits and ultimately see some great results!

No Lock in Contracts or Memberships.


4 People PT

$20 per person for a 5 pack
= $100 each for 5 sessions

3 People PT

$23 per person for a 5 pack
= $115 each for 5 sessions

2 People PT

$30 per person for a 5 pack
= $150 each for 5 sessions

1 on 1 PT

$45 for a 10 pack = $450
$50 for a 5 pack = $250

We can help you find a few training partners to form a group PT making things cost effective and more motivating and fun.

Just let us know by filling in the form below.

What’s Included?

5 x 30 min PT Sessions
Per Person

Meal Planner

Tracking Measurements

Photos to Monitor your Progress

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